Exceeding 100 members

Young Excellence in Healthcare now exceeding 100 members

Since early November the healthcare network for young potentials, “Young Excellence in Healthcare”, exceeds over 100 members. The stark increase in membership growth and the overwhelming success of its bi-annual gatherings highlight the need for such a network. Advantages for those who are members are clearly at hand: members do profit of interdisciplinary exchange with young leaders of all healthcare segments and functions.

The composition of the network allows unique and holistic insights into particular pillars of the sector as well as provides an overview on the interdependencies of the sector as such. This is the humus for pondering over and joggling with innovative concepts as well as it widens the horizon for day to day management back in the respective company. For each participants personal (career) development Young Excellence in Healthcare provides the optimal platform: one can sharpen his or her own perspective on career aspects and knot new valuable contacts and ties with several leading companies in the sector.

Posted on 2. Dezember 2014 in Allgemein

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