CMS Hasche Sigle

We are very pleased and honoured by CMS Hasche Sigle – one of the leading law firms especially for commercial issues – having agreed to partner with us. With immediate effect CMS will exclusively support us in all legal and strategic questions we are facing. This applies above all in our pursuit to register as “Berufsverband”, a body representing selected members of the health care sector.

The law firm defines itself as sparring-partner for our network and is keen in getting involved in discussions around all kind of healthcare market related topics. CMS has gained a profound expertise in consulting health care enterprises in various legal challenges. This is where our network will profit from CMSs intellectual influx. Our mutual vision is to discuss and analyse future challenges of healthcare markets. In addition, we will together work on topics like individualisation of health care as well as integration and inter-collaboration of medical products, eHealth, so called big data and corporate health schemes.

Posted on 13. August 2014 in Allgemein

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